Lawrence Adult Soccer League

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 Sun 12/18/2022 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Lawrence, SPL Turf #1 (West) 5:00p 5:55p  >Winter 7v7>Division 1> Team Zissou Match P.V. United   CS 
6:00p 6:55p  >Winter 7v7>Division 1> AC Lawrence Match Team Zissou   CS 
7:00p 7:55p  >Winter 7v7>Division 3> Oranje Match LFK Richmond   CS 
8:00p 8:55p  >Winter 7v7>Division 4> TOT Match La Liga   CS 
Lawrence, SPL Turf #2 (Middle) 5:00p 5:55p  >Winter 7v7>Division 4> LOL Match Hooligans United   CS 
6:00p 6:55p  >Winter 7v7>Division 4> LOLZ Match FC Velociraptor   CS 
7:00p 7:55p  >Winter 7v7>Division 3> Olympique Lawrence Match Blood Oranje   CS 
8:00p 8:55p  >Winter 7v7>Division 2> Effzeh Jungen Match Harry Beasts   CS 
Lawrence, SPL Turf #3 (East) 5:00p 5:55p  >Winter 7v7>Division 1> The Jayhawkers Match AC Lawrence   CS 
6:00p 6:55p  >Winter 7v7>Division 4> Yellow Submarine Match Hardly Atletico   CS 
7:00p 7:55p  >Winter 7v7>Division 3> The Big Steppers Match John Denver Experience   CS 
8:00p 8:55p  >Winter 7v7>Division 2> AFC Match Seaman Defeaters   CS