Lawrence Adult Soccer League

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Insurance and Waiver

The Lawrence Adult Soccer League (LASL) through its association with the Kansas Soccer Association (KSA) and United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) holds insurance for all players (accident) and members of the board (liability) through AIG.  Players are covered for $25,000 in covered medical expenses in the event of injury.  This insurance will cover any expenses not covered by your primary insurance carrier.  For more information on covered expenses and how to file a claim email .  As an adult league, LASL only accepts players 15 and older.  All players between 15 and 18 require a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.  A completed, signed and scanned copy of the waiver below must be emailed to or mailed to LASL at Lawrence Adult Soccer League, 4116 Trail Rd, Lawrence, KS 66049 before the season starts.

A copy of the KSA waiver form can be found here: Waiver - English.pdf

Release and Disclaimer:

Soccer is a contact sport involving risk of serious injury, disability, or death. Not all risks are foreseeable. In consideration of being allowed to participate, I agree to release, waive, and covenant not to sue the United States Soccer Federation, or its affiliates on account of injury, death, or property damage alleged to be caused in whole or in part by affiliates actions or omissions. I also give my consent and agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless LASL, its officials and representatives from any claim arising out of injury or out of injuries or conditions caused by or aggravated by my refusal to obtain available medical treatment based upon religious or philosophical beliefs. I also agree that I understand and will abide by the rules of LASL and the requirements of its insurer, which are listed below.


• Players must wear shin-guards, covered completely by fabric or socks, at all games.
• Soccer cleats are not required, but shoes cannot have dangerous cleats, such as baseball and football shoes.
• Players may not wear blue jeans/shorts or other garments with metal rivets.
• Players may not wear jewelry of any kind on the field.
• Unsportsmanlike conduct, verbal or physical abuse of other players or referees will be dealt with severely and may involve criminal proceedings.